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Greenway Wins SAM Award for Best New Home!

April 19th, 2013

We are honored and excited that our Duncan Plan at Greenway in Williamstown has been recognized as Best New Home in Greater Calgary in the $230,000 - $269,000 category by the SAM Awards! The SAM Awards recognizes the best in creativitiy and profressionalism in marketing and building new homes and communities in the Calgary area.

We are also finalists in three other categories: Best New Home for the Prestige Plan, Best Townhome for the Classic D plan and for Community of the Year for Williamstown!

To tour or learn more about Greenway's recent win, call our sales team at 403.980.3345.

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The real deal on curb appeal

April 03rd, 2013

While the old adage ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ is true in many instances, we feel that the appeal of a home actually starts on the outside. We know that today’s buyers are looking for a warm, inviting, quality built home with a great layout, modern finishes, lots of natural light and ample space for living.  But often what is missing from this list of important requirements is ‘Curb Appeal’.

The overall impression that a home makes from the street is termed as ‘Curb Appeal’, and many new communities fail to deliver great street appeal because this critically important element is often overlooked.

When looking to buy, has your feeling about a home ever been negatively affected because of a poor first impression as you drove up?  A well-planned community, with beautiful architecture and a strong sense of cohesiveness among homes will help to protect your long-term investment and help when you want to sell.

There are a few key things to look for that add to the Curb Appeal of a home:

Architectural Variety and Detailing, which includes a well-planned and professionally coordinated mix of roof pitches, exterior detailing, elevation features (e.g. bump outs, porches, balconies), accent materials (e.g. stone, and decorative wood trim), architectural styles and colours.  All of this should provide variety in the neighbourhood’s streetscape, ensure uniqueness among homes, and help to create the feeling that the community has grown organically over time, versus the dreaded ‘cookie cutter’ look of many new communities.

A Cohesive Neighbourhood, so that each home stands out, yet blends seamlessly within the greater community.  Although a home should be unique, it is also important that the entire streetscape look integrated, coordinated and pleasing to the eye.  To accomplish this we establish a set of architectural guidelines for the community and ensure proper home placement on the lot, complementary architectural styles and colour schemes.  We also carefully plan and review the streetscape before it’s approved to be built to ensure we maximize Curb Appeal and maintain the integrity of the neighbourhood.

Integrated into its Natural Setting, so that a home’s architecture and color scheme fit well within its environment.  Great design will include thoughtfully selected exterior details such as rich wood, cultured stone, glass or brick, and a colour palette that’s in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Fencing and Tailored Landscaping, with indigenous plants, shrubs and trees. A beautiful home set against a subpar frontage immediately loses its appeal, while professionally designed landscaping and fencing improves the visual aesthetic and value of the home.

Great Curb Appeal can increase your resale value, speed up your selling time and protect your investment, which is why we are committed to providing our homeowners with smartly built homes – on the inside and out.