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5 Reasons to live in Airdrie

June 26th, 2013

Airdrie Alberta has become one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and is considered by many to be the ideal place to raise a family.  We’ve been building in Airdrie for more than 10 years, and like its residents, we love the many amenities this ever-changing city has to offer.  After chatting with our employees and homeowners we have come up with our top five reasons to live in Airdrie Alberta.

Airdrie residents feel safe and are happy with their community according to a March 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey.  Results from the poll showed that 96% of respondents rate the quality of life as ‘good to very good,’ and 100% of people feel safe to walk alone in their neighbourhood.  Having one of Alberta’s lowest property tax brackets also helps to draw young families and businesses to the area.  The City of Airdrie does not collect a business tax rate, which is a huge benefit for the business community.  Current statistics show that about 1,000 out of the more than 1,800 businesses in Airdrie are home-based, and now larger national and international corporations are opening offices and creating jobs here as well.


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In a recent interview with the Canadian Business Journal, the City of Aidrie’s Economic Development Team Leader, Kent Rupert, communicated the City’s commitment to recreation.  80 kilometres of paved pathways connect beautifully landscaped parks, green space and ponds, and eventually these trails will extend across the entire city.  In addition to skateboard parks, playgrounds, waterparks, baseball diamonds and soccer fields, families can enjoy the fitness centre, gymnastics program and indoor soccer fields, track, skating rinks and 25-metre pool at the state-of-the art Genesis Place.  Airdrie’s minor league hockey and BMX program are also exceptional. Click here to see our interactive Airdrie amenity map.

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Even though Airdrie has welcomed many big-box convenience stores, including Cosco, WalMart and Superstore the city also maintains a thriving small business community made up of mom-and pop shops and family run restaurants.  This blend of storefronts provides residents with an ample selection of family friendly services and amenities.  Alberta’s largest one-level shopping mall, CrossIron Mills, is also just a 10-minute drive from Airdrie in neighbouring Balzac.  The mega mall has over 200 stores and restaurants, 7-Screen SilverCity movie theatre, and Xscape Entertainment Centre featuring more than 80 video games.

Airdrie’s location provides residents with easy access to some of Alberta’s best attractions.  Only a 20-minute highway drive from Calgary, Airdrie is a natural choice for families who work in the city.  Weekend jaunts to the Calgary Zoo, Prince Island Park and Telus World of Science are great activities for the kids, while Calgary’s burgeoning foodie scene provides the perfect excuse for a date night.  Canmore, Alberta’s all season playground, is a mere 1 hour and 15 minute drive from Airdrie, which works well for both day ski-trips and weekend getaways throughout the year.  Of course if your craving a little more excitement Calgary’s International Airport offers infinite travel possibilities and is a short 15-minute drive away.

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Within the last 10 years Airdrie’s population has doubled in size.  This growth has fuelled the development of several quality master-planned communities that are built with the needs of families in mind.  In Airdrie it is possible to buy your dream home – at an affordable price point and surrounded first class amenities such as walking trails, children’s playgrounds, new schools, parks, ponds and playfields.  As an example, in our Williamstown community, our detached single-family 3-bedroom homes, with fenced back yards, start at the low $300s, and our Townhomes are priced in the low $200s.

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Trails Close Out Sale-A-Bration!

June 05th, 2013

We only have 6 townhomes left at The Trails! Take advantage of special pricing until they're gone! Visit us at our New Williamstown Sales Centre at 1813 Reunion Close NW Airdrie! 

10 Spring cleaning tips for your home

June 05th, 2013

Home is where the heart is. There’s no place like home. Home sweet home. These well-known expressions offer some insight to the importance we place on our homes.  The home is where we plan, celebrate, connect, relax and recover.  It should always feel welcoming.

Each year homeowners throughout the country shake out the cobwebs and reorganize in anticipation of spring. In honour of this long-time tradition we’ve compiled our 10 favourite tips and tricks for keeping your home spick and span.

1. Room by Room
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when tackling an entire house.  Clean one room at a time to avoid distraction and unfinished jobs.  The satisfaction of one clean, organized room will encourage you to start the next.

2. Top Down, Inside Out.
Organize first to rid yourself of unwanted clutter.  Next start your cleaning from the top and work your way down.  Dust your ceiling fan before the baseboards, and your blinds before the furniture to avoid getting what you’ve just cleaned dirty again.

3. Bookshelves, Drawers & Closets
Sort books by colour and size, lining some horizontally and some vertically, to tidy up unsightly bookshelves.  Plastic drawer organizers do wonders for keeping loose items tidy and easy to find, and matching hangers will quickly turn a closet from messy to meticulous.

4. Dust
Use a lint roller on lampshades and vacuum venetian blinds with the handheld nozzle for quick and easy cleaning.  Remember to wipe down light bulbs, baseboards and even the tops of doors, artwork and cabinets.

5. Walls
Between dirty paw prints, furniture scrapes and food splatter the walls of your home take a beating.  Give them a once over with a sponge and cold water and use touch up paint to cover marks.

6. Tiles
Mix 7 cups water, 1/2-cup baking soda,1/3-cup ammonia (or lemon juice) and 1/4 cup vinegar for a natural grout cleaner.  Use an old toothbrush for kitchen backsplashes or a soft-bristle brush for larger areas.

7. Wood Floors
Always use furniture pads (replace any that are dirty or worn), and trivets or saucers under plants to avoid water damage.  Try to damp-mop once a week with a mild soap to prevent dirt build-up and the need for heavier cleaning.

8. Carpets
Eliminate odours by sprinkling baking soda on your carpets the night before vacuuming.  Add steam-cleaning the carpets to your spring-cleaning list to remove bacteria, dirt and help extend the life your carpet.

9. Keyboard
A lot of time is spent at the computer these days and crumbs, dust and germs tend to linger on the keyboard.  Unplug the device, vacuum using the handheld nozzle, and then gently clean the keyboard with a damp cloth.  Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab for any sticky spots.

10. Décor 
Update the décor in your home by changing the linens in your bedroom, throw cushions in the living room and even the dishcloths in the kitchen.  A simple change of colour can create a whole new look for a room at a minimal cost.