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Out with the old, in with the new: Benefits of buying a new vs. resale home

July 10th, 2013

There are many considerations when purchasing a new home.  Price, location, square footage, number of bedrooms and size of backyard are just a few of the decisions homebuyers are faced with.  Most of these factors are influenced by pre-existing circumstances, such as budget and the size (and anticipated growth) of your family.  But what about the question of buying a New versus a Resale Home?  To learn about some of the benefits of buying a new home check out our list below:

Nectarine may be a hot hue for spring fashion this year but it’s never okay for carpet. New homes always feature the latest in design, décor schemes, lighting, appliances, building materials and overall finishing details.  By choosing a new home, you’ll benefit from the ‘latest and greatest’ in design, colors, finishings and features and avoid spending additional time and money on renovations to bring a resale home up to today’s style and standards.

Greenway's Prestige Showhome    

It’s not all about size; it’s really how you use it that counts.  Years of experience and listening to customer feedback is what makes reputable new home builders masters at designing efficient floorplans and building homes that meet the needs of today’s families.  A well-designed new home will often feel larger than a similar sized or larger older home, due to an open-plan kitchen and great room, more efficient layout and flow, built-in storage, larger windows and higher ceilings.

Stay Cool and Breathe Easy. New homes are built with proper insulation in the floors, walls and ceilings, which ensures even temperatures and results in a more comfortable living space.  The latest heating and cooling systems also have state-of-the-art ventilation and air purification, which can reduce indoor humidity and improve air quality.

Lead is for your pencils, not your paint.   Building codes are continuously being updated to address consumer safety issues and all new construction must conform.  Additionally, products and technology improve every year.  More eco-friendly building materials, such as adhesives, paints and carpets are now used in new homes and there are often additional safety measures built in, such as garage door openers with sensors that prevent doors from closing when an object is underneath. New homes have the latest in terms of materials and technology, and everything from electrical wiring to deck railing heights is built with consumer safety in mind.

‘Put a sweater on’ by choice, not necessity.   New homes are more energy efficient than older homes due to changes in building codes and advances in technology and building materials – all of which realizes many benefits for homeowners. Tighter construction and ducts helps to eliminate drafts, and high performance windows keep the heat in during winter and out in the summer.  Energy efficient heating systems are often quieter, and energy efficient appliances will use less electricity and water.  Better still, all of these efficiencies will save homeowners hundreds of dollars in hydro, water and gas bills each year.

Swimming pools are a fun, unless they’re in your basement. There are no guarantees when you buy a resale home.  Many smaller home improvements don’t have the require permits, and even with a home inspection it can be difficult to tell the quality of any DIY projects completed.  If anything happens with resale home, you are solely responsible for financing the repairs.  However new homes come with extended warranties up to 10 years in length and are built to a higher standard than older homes - providing you additional peace of mind.

Nobody’s dirt but yours. Many statistics show that moving is the 3rd most stressful life event following death and divorce. Purging and packing, hiring movers, transferring cable and hydro accounts, address changes, moving costs and then the unpacking, purging, and organizing at your new house.  With the purchase of a new home you have a move-in-ready guarantee with ding-free walls, fresh paint, clean baseboards, crumb-free cupboards, working appliances and brand new bathrooms. So instead of steam-cleaning carpets, filling in picture holes and replacing light bulbs you can focus on moving in and enjoying your new home.

Have your home and playground too.  If you choose to buy a new home in a master-planned community you’ll also have access to the community’s built-in amenities which are typically an included feature of the overall plan.  Depending on the size of the development, these may include greenspace with walking paths and ponds, children’s play parks, shops and services and even schools – all within walking distance of your new home.  These shared amenities act as gathering spots for neighbours, help build a strong community spirit and increase resale values.

Williamstown's South Park

An opportunity to reflect your personal style.  Purchasing a new home pre-construction offers the added benefit of customization.  Experienced builders have professional designers and architects carefully choose the latest colour palettes to create a balance of individuality and cohesiveness within the greater community.  New home buyers can often choose from several interior and exterior colour schemes, floorplans, as well as additional upgrades and options – so that you can create a space that meets your family’s needs and suits your individual style.

Lock & Leave Lifestyle at Williamstown

July 10th, 2013

Lock-it-and-leave lifestyle lures couple to Williamstown in Airdrie. 
Calgary Herald 

Sandy and Rick Frey can’t wait to travel more often — and now they have time. Rick is retiring after 30 years as a school teacher and Sandy is a flight attendant. In order to leave the city more often, they needed something that requires less upkeep than the single-family home they’ve owned for 20 years in the Calgary community of Harvest Hills. “We have the ability to travel more frequently now, so we looked for condo projects,” says Sandy. The couple liked that living in a condo project means tasks such as shovelling snow and mowing the lawn are taken care of by others. “We’re not home in the summer months, so the thought of turning the lock and knowing our place is maintained and looked after without yard work and so on really is exciting,” she says. “Plus, we have the privacy of our own space.”

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Josh Skapin
Calgary Herald