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Design your home & move-in next spring

October 23rd, 2014

The best of both worlds

We have over 25 Horizons homes move-in ready before the end of spring giving you the opportunity to design your interiors now! You get all the benefits of a custom designed home, like choosing the floorplan, colour scheme and upgrades plus the opportunity to move-in soon. This opportunity doesn't come often in this community so we encourage you to visit now before construction cut-off.

To explore our Horizons colour schemes click on the images below or visit our Flickr page here. You can also stop by our sales centre to find out more.

  Horizons Colour Scheme - Ash Horizons Colour Scheme - Birch Horizons Colour Scheme - Spruce Horizons Colour Scheme - Willow

Attached or detached home? It's your choice at Horizons

Our single family front garage homes boast double car garages, walk-out basements (most plans), spacious interiors and easy access to uninterrupted greenspace. With quick possession homes move-in ready before Christmas, now is your time to settle in before the holidays.

Our rowhomes share the same financial freedom of owning a strata-fee free home as a single family home. We are already 70% sold of these one-of-a-kind homes and we have homeowners moving in next month! Don't miss your chance to explore more about these spacious rowhomes at Horizons.

Visit our website to explore more about the Horizons community.

Gateway Construction Update

Williamstown's last and final phase is quickly gaining popularity with  already 30% of the first release sold. These 3-storey, rear 2-car garage townhomes are on track for completion in mid-April. This week, these homes start to take shape with framing starting on the first few blocks of homes.

To find out more about these townhomes starting from the high $200s*, visit our website!

Williamstown Homeowner Appreciation Event 

Click here or on the image below to visit our Facebook page to explore photos from our Homeowner Appreciation Event. It was a cold night and we were pleased to see so many familiar faces!

Team Member Spotlight: Candice Korbo

October 22nd, 2014

Candice Korbo is the Sales Manager at Williamstown in Airdrie Alberta. With her sales centre averaging 18 deals per month, sitting down with her isn't as easy as it sounds. However, to learn a little more about what makes her one of Vesta’s superstars, we were able to conduct a brief Q&A.

How long have you worked with Vesta?
It seems like a year, but it’s been almost two-and-a-half years.

As a sales manager, what are your duties with Vesta?
I manage a great team (Gary & Marissa) and I'm responsible for providing knowledge about our products and community to help buyers make informed decisions.

What drew you to the company?
Vesta has a great reputation and I loved the idea of working here in Airdrie.

What do you like most about your job?
Without question, it’s witnessing the satisfaction that families experience after buying a home at Williamstown. I constantly run into these friends who treat me like I built their home myself! As much as I’d like to take the credit for providing all the amenities in a well built home, I can’t! It sounds a little corny, but it’s definitely seeing the smiles that I like the most.

Can you describe a typical day?
Open showhomes, respond to emails and phone calls, escort potential buyers to view floor plans we are selling (if available). Check spec homes and sold homes status via schedules and visual inspection. Process files – contracts, amendments, change orders, and price requests. Write a contract. Maybe have lunch somewhere in there! Can I mention that Zenbu in Airdrie is the best sushi place on the planet? (You just did Candice!)

Where are your clients coming from and what are they looking for in a home?
Typically our clients come from Airdrie and Calgary. But there are a few that come from beyond Alberta. We even have one couple from out of country. They have a lot in common when comes to what they look for in a home. Typically it's value for their money, quality finishing and a nice community. Because Williamstown has that in spades, it's not a tough sell!

What makes Williamstown unique?
The elementary school is definitely the focal point. Student drop-off and pick-up, school fundraisers and events allow residents to get to know each other very well. It's amazing how it really brings the community together. The 60-acre Environmental Reserve is also an incredible feature.

Any tips for the first time homebuyer?
Be selective with whom you bring shopping. Their opinions shouldn’t trump yours, but rather, help you make your own independent opinion. 
And do your research. Vesta is one of many great builders in Airdrie. We have our selling points, others have theirs. It’s a matter of doing your research to find out which selling points are more beneficial to your situation and lifestyle. And finally, to avoid disappointment, be sure to get pre-approved before going shopping.

How have sales changed for new homes?
Demand for quality homes at a place like Williamstown has definitely increased and in turn, so has the volume of sales. Also increased is the number of upgrades being included in homes. This is also a result of demand… purchasers are being more strategic with their spending and looking for homes that include upgrades and room to grow. Upgrades are a relatively inexpensive way of improving your quality of living and your home's resale value.

Can you provide a little personal background info?
I have almost twenty years in the customer service industry. I was a realtor for 4 years in BC and I’ve done a lot of home renovations. I have four kids and a granddaughter and I love camping and golfing.

Something we might not know about you?
I have a Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle and I love to ride.

Williamstown: Home to 800 Airdie families including Vesta’s own staff

October 08th, 2014

Our talented construction team at Williamstown includes six Site Supervisors. These tireless professionals are essentially the “eyes and ears” of our construction team and oversee everything from servicing and framing, to final cleaning and handover to the sales team. Not only do they provide leadership to the team, they develop trustworthy relationships between site staff, trades people and suppliers. Not too surprisingly, four of our six Site Supervisors have chosen to live where they work - and it’s not simply because it’s a short commute.

Why? For starters, each is keenly aware of the tangible elements that set Williamstown apart from other communities: like the quality construction, superior craftsmanship, and open yards – not to mention the community’s 60-acre nature preserve. But for Site Supervisor Mika Pyykonen, it’s more than just that. What makes Williamstown a great place for him and his family to call home are the benefits you won’t necessarily glean from a sell sheet – like its small town feel and kid-friendly nature. “There’s something heartwarming about seeing street hockey games being played and being able to stroll with your kids on the pathway around the environmental reserve”, says Mika.

To say Williamstown is kid-friendly is an understatement. With its many playgrounds and “Herons Crossing School” at the heart of the community, Williamstown really is the perfect environment for raising a family in Airdrie. When you combine other intangibles like superior security, charming design aesthetic and the friendliness of neighbours, you have an environment that’s ideal to live, play and work.